(2001 – )

A great number of philatelists contributed to Series II by offering information, and allowing the author to photograph their collections.
American Philatelic Society
Mike Anderman
George Arfken
Tim Arthur
Frank Aretz
G. Asselain
Rev. John S. Bain
James H. Beal
Leopold Beaudet
Jack Benningen
K. Bileski
Lucette Blanc-Giradet
Dr. R.V.C. Carr
Dr. M.W. Carstairs
Beverly Clark
Stanley F. Cohen
D.A. Colp
Tracy Cooper
Robert Cooperman
Cecil Coutts
Dr. Earle L. Covert
John E. Cruttenden
L. Cully
Walt Dakers
Barry Danard
Leif Danielson
H.W. Duckworth
Bernd P. Duddeck
Bryan Dunne
Col. Fred Eaton
Charles Field
Charles (Chuck) Firby
Robert E. Florida
Daniel Forget
Beverly Fox
Richard Frajola
Kim Frandsen
Richard Gratton
Vincent G. Greene
Edward Hamlin
A.D. Hanes
David Hannan
C.H.C. Harmer
Robin Harris
Herman Herst Jr.
John Jamieson
John Johnson
W. Johnson
Carl E. Kane
Don Kaye
Dell Keene
John S. Keenlyside
Ralph Keir
Orest Kowal
James E. Kramer
David M. Lacelle
W.E. Lea
Pascal LeBlond
Robert A. Lee
James C. Lehr
Ron Leith
Larry Lewendon
Douglas Lindgard
Ted Liston
Peter Logan
Bill Longley
Robson Lowe
George MacManus
James McGuire
Peter Milpatcher
Capt. R.B. Mitchell
Cimon Morin
Trelle Morrow
R.F. (Hank) Narbonne
Peter Newroth
Sam Nickle
R. Parama
C.E. Parker
Ian Patterson
James A. Pike
Harvey Prosser
Lowell Ragatz
Walter Rassan
Jim Richardson
John Ross
Geoff Russell
John Ryder
Bill Sach
Rob Sawyer
Kurt Schau
Gray Scrimgeour
David F. Sessions
Peter Singer
Joseph M. Smith
Keith Spencer
Yvonne Pochard de Sperati
Stanley Gibbons Ltd.
Richard Stein
John Stobbe
Jack St. Laurent
Cpl. B.W. Steininger, R.C.M.P.
Dr. Fred Stulberg
John Talman
Jeff Taylor
Elizabeth M. Todd
Gary D. Tomasson
W.C. (Bill) Topping
Brian Towe
Varro E. Tyler
H.G. Walburn
Jack M. Wallace
Carl Walske
George S. Wegg
Bill Wegman
Don Williams
Barend Wissink
Herb Williams
R.B. Winmill
Robert P. Womack
W. WorthDavis
Stan Young
Mirko Zatka

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